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July 01, 2018 2 min read

Art of Prizem Takes over Lightnign in a Bottle LIB - 2018

What a time! We came, we saw, we sparkled. The Art of Prizem team headed out to Lightning in a Bottle Festival to experience festival life with the community.


Lightning in a Bottle - LIB 2018

What a party! The space at Lightning in a Bottle is simply magical. It's creatively inspiring and people are drawn to it as a gateway to anew way of living. The energy at Lightning in a Bottle is a lot like Burning Man. Small festivals with a close-knit community of people who are open, friendly, and there to have an experience through the community.









Individuals united in a collective community experience.

Getting together over music, fire and art is a tribal experience. It takes us back to our primal nature and strips away the mundaneness of everyday life and fast-paced technology. Through spiritual exploration and community, the crowd of individuals becomes united.

Face and body glitter for everyone at the festival!

We're here to put color in the world and that's what we did! We handed out samples of our glitter packets, applied body glitter and "glittered": the crowd! The crowd was so excited and we had a ton of fun. Despite the dust, we managed to sparkle people up with prismatic colors of our body glitter.

Leaving no trace with biodegradable packaging and glitter.

With biodegradable packaging and sample cards, we made sure to leave no trace and minimize waste as much as possible.

Everything was captured on fin with our "Festival Photo Gallery" and "Prizes Takes Over Lightning in a Bottle" recap video.

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