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About Art of Prizem

We envision a word made better by art and art betters the world.

Prizem is founded on a multistep creative process inspired by the imagination. Inspiration can be sparked by anything with a word, the natural elements, or the twilight of sleep and dreams. We're visual people, so we're inspired by natural and all things visual. Color textures and patterns found in nature with something as simple as the color refraction on a beetle. 

Being naked is the most sustainable option; making sustainability the sexist option.

Our mission is to create beauty that is environmentally mindful by working with nature instead of against it. We are committed to sustainability by minimizing the negative footprint of our product's lifecycle through environmentally conscious manufacturing processes that are considerate of the planet as a whole. 

Art of Prizem's offices and glitter production factory are located in sunny San Diego, California, USA ✨