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Created from natural sources, our Bio Glitter does not use How do I use the glitter?

- Apply balm to the desired area and gently dab glitter on with a brush or fingertips, being cautious around the eyes. 

Where can I apply glitter?

- Our glitter is safe for all cases. Apply glitter to your face, body, hair or anything else you can think of.

Is it safe for sensitive skin?

- Yes! Our biodegradable glitter is non-toxic and chemical free. Learn More

What is the glitter made of?

- Our Bio Glitter is made of eucalyptus cellulose. Learn More

What makes the glitter "biodegradable"?

- Created from natural plant sources, our Bio Glitter does NOT use plastic! Learn about the full process of "biodegradability" on our Sustainability Page. Learn More 

How long does it take for the glitter to degrade?

-Our glitter takes approximately 180 days to fully biodegrade into the earth's lifecycle. Learn More

What conditions does it take for the glitter to degrade? 

- Our glitter degrades in natural conditions like soil and water. Learn More

Will it biodegrade on the shelf or in a jar? 

- Nope! Natural conditions are required to cause our glitter to biodegrade. Learn More

Is it safe for water systems and fish?

- Yes! Our Bio Glitter is safe for showers, drains, waterways, streams and oceans as well as marine life. Learn More

Are products tested on animals?

- Absolutely NOT! We would never harm animals in the process of creating cosmetics. Learn More