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Bobbin For Bubbles

 Bobbin for Bubbles ▽ “

Bobbin for Bubbles is a hand-mixed blend of Tinsel, Hexagons and tiny Squares in Sweet Baby Blue, Opaque Iridescent White, Soft Periwinkle Opaque’s and Iridescent Opaque’s that cast soft rainbows that sparkle as you move.

Compliment your unique look with a touch of color and sparkle. Add some highlight to those eyes and cheekbones. Dust across the collarbones and shoulders or be the ultimate glitter lover and cover your body!

▽ 100% Biodegradable, cosmetic grade, body glitter

▽ Our biodegradable glitters are safe for showers, drains, waterways, streams and the ocean, as well as marine life! 

▽ Safe for face, body, hands and nails

▽ Three pot sizes: 15g | 30g | 60g