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Tinsel Time

 Tinsel Time 

Tinsel Time is a hand-mixed blend of Tinsel in Soft Cool Blue, Opaque Iridescent White, Soft Periwinkle Opaque’s and Iridescent Silver that cast rainbows that sparkle as you move.

Compliment your unique look with a touch of color and sparkle. Add some highlight to those eyes and cheekbones. Dust across the collarbones and shoulders or be the ultimate glitter lover and cover your body!

▽ 100% Biodegradable, cosmetic grade, body glitter

▽ Our biodegradable glitters are safe for showers, drains, waterways, streams and the ocean, as well as marine life! 

▽ Safe for face, body, hands and nails

▽ Three pot sizes: 15g | 30g | 60g